About Us

Business catering is of course vital in the running of any company, so it makes sense as a business owner that you are going to want to ensure you get it exactly right. With Corporate Catering however you have a team that you can truly rely on to turn out stylish, professional service that not only impresses, but is a steady, dependable hand in its own right. We’re old hats at this by now with over 30 years of experience, so you can trust us to bring out the best in your events always.

CORPORATE CATEREROur story begins long ago in 1986 when we were but a humble few individuals hoping to change the way catering was approached. We were unsatisfied with some of the services on offer, so we went about crafting our own corner of the market to bring out stylish, novel dining that really impresses. We were always attracted to the traditional hog roast since we knew it could deliver on both those fronts while also just being a deliciously tasting dish in the first place, but unfortunately it was also a dish that was fairly difficult to tackle. For our needs, to provide large scale dining on the road, the tools around were just not up to scratch. Rather than allowing that to dictate our approach, however, we took the initiative and went about crafting our very own mobile hog roasting machines, knowing exactly what we would need from such machines and how they could best improve our services. With such ingenuity we flash forward now to where this fleet of incredible mobile hog roasting units allow us to do so much for customers up and down the nation.

Our food service options

We added versatility and efficiency to our menus with these machines, and they continue now to be a key component to our successes. corporate catererNot only do they make hog roasting a more readily accessible dish, they also allow us to cook up a bunch of other incredible foods such as gourmet burgers, veggie skewers, high quality meats and so much more to ensure that your corporate catering has it all. Plus, we’ve been able to also rent off and even sell our machines to business clients and customers alike to share in their own hog roasting ventures. The initiative and ingenuity set by our founders early on continues to be a core tenet of Corporate Catering as we look always to set new markers in the industry and push catering to a new level. As our customers you will see untold benefits from such beliefs as you share in our pursuits and successes.

High Quality Dining To Your Business

We’re a family here at Corporate Catering. Many of us have been here together for quite some time, so trust us when we say we have the expertise and knowledge to ensure your catering experience is the best it can be. We’re food lovers at heart and professional caterers beyond that, so we can always offer up brilliant advice on the right foods to pair together for your event and how to best serve them to fit into the style of the day. With this Corporate Caterer your business is welcomed into the fold as one of our own, and like any family we always treat our own right! We would never do bad by you by giving you foods or services that we ourselves would be disappointed with. Just as we know your business will have, we expect extremely high demands of ourselves and always rise to meet them with high quality service and high-quality foods.

Corporate CatererWe source from UK farms and stocks to guarantee premium grade quality in every meat and ingredient. Plus by going to local UK stocks we continue our core belief in supporting local community and business since those communities have done so well by us too over the years by choosing our services.

With these top ingredients our chef team are even better placed to turn out magnificent dishes of all kinds of variety. We are hog roast specialists first and foremost, but with a huge range of other food items there is little that we can’t offer to your corporate catering.

No event is too big or small for us either. We love serving small local business as much as large nationwide companies. Our many depots across the nation allow us to extend our reach to any location and take on even the biggest events around with ease. Corporate Catering ensure the same high quality of service no matter the demands of the day or the size of the event. Every event comes equally as important.

It’s a special service we have here at Corporate Catering, so ensure you reap its benefits by talking to us today.